March 6 - 14, 2020

Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30pm

Based on the novel by William Golding
Adapted by Nigel Williams

Stage Direction by Nathan Cummings

LORD OF THE FLIES Lord of the Flies follows a group of school age children and their disastrous attempts at self-government after they find themselves stranded on a desert island. As their civilization begins to dismantle, they resort to violence, savagery and murder.

Please note: While the original William Golding novel just had male schoolchildren our stage version will include both girls and boys. See Participation Overview below.

  • Made possible by gift from Sponsor Circle Members RORY KELLER & RAY HENDESS and DON DUFFALA & SANDY SMETHURST
  • Tickets: $22 Adult | $11 Student (incl. fees)

Depending on the audition turn-out we may have two separate casts—one all boys and one all girls, which would undoubtedly bring certain aspects of the story to light—or perhaps an integrated cast would emphasize the savagery in us all. Whichever direction this production takes it is sure to be a unique theatrical experience for everyone involved.
Ages 12 and up
Tuition $550
Auditions  Saturday, December 14, 9am-2pm
Callbacks Tuesday, December 17, 4-8pm
Rehearsals Begin Saturday, January 4, 2020
Tuesdays + Thursdays 4-7pm
Saturdays 10-2
Tech Week March 1-6
Performances  4 shows across 2 weekends, Friday and Saturday nights

Auditions  Saturday, December 14, 9am-2pm

No experience is necessary to try out for a Young Rep show! Auditions are scheduled in 5-minute increments through an online sign-up. Please prepare a monologue no longer than 2 minutes. Be sure to fill out and bring the Show Enrollment form and the Conflict Calendar. Attach a recent photo to your Enrollment form. Arrive early enough to hand in and review your paperwork.

Please do not stress about auditions! Our faculty and Young Rep members will greet and guide you through the fun, collaborative process. If you have any specific questions, reach out to Nathan anytime.

Callbacks  Tuesday, December 17, 4-8pm

Callback invitations do not reflect your likelihood of a getting a part or not. It’s simply a time for the directors to see more from particular groups and individuals. The evening will consist of cold readings from the script, and may be broken into smaller groups for different times or focus. If you have a conflict and cannot attend any portion, simply let us know when to expect you. These evenings are always a lot of fun, don’t worry!

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